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Surviving a global Facebook and Instagram outage: A pointed guide for Digital Marketers

Welcome to our in-depth guide on how to navigate the unexpected challenge of a worldwide outage on Facebook and Instagram. Some are serious. Some are not. Hopefully you can tell the difference. 

Start a "Social Media Withdrawal Syndrome" Support Group: Round up your digital marketing colleagues and form a support group to share how your life has changed since the outage. 

Optimize Company Website and Blog Content: Use the downtime to update and enhance your company's website and blog content for improved search engine optimization (SEO).

Organize a "Surviving Social Media Detox" Challenge: Challenge your team to see who can resist the urge to check to see if their social media accounts are back online the longest. 

Host a "Relearn How to Use a Phone Book and Map" Workshop: Gather everyone for a session on brushing up those old-school skills that were once essential before the social media era took over.

Engage and Update on Twitter/X: Not sure if this one is a joke one or not? Neither are we…

Write and perform a short play about not being able to login to FB for 18 minutes: Reenact the chaos and despair of March 5, 2024. 

Update Email Marketing Campaigns: Bridge the gap during the outage by focusing on developing or updating email marketing campaigns to maintain communication with your audience.

Real-Life "Like and Comment" Contest: Sit in a circle with your team and see who can get the most compliments and interactions in person.

Please don’t use some of these. Remember, both laughter and dedicated effort can help you navigate these unexpected challenges effectively. Keep calm and market on!

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