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We don't just tell stories.

We craft narratives that resonate.

Without happy clients we wouldn't have the success stories that define the breadth and depth of what HEARD does on a daily basis. Our work vividly illustrates how strategic thinking and compelling storytelling can drive remarkable results. From revitalizing brands to orchestrating impactful campaigns, each campaign showcases our commitment to delivering measurable outcomes. Dive into our portfolio to witness the transformation of challenges into triumphs. Discover firsthand how our creative solutions, backed by data-driven strategies, have elevated people, places and things. At HEARD, we don't just tell stories; we craft narratives that resonate, leaving an indelible mark on the landscapes of our clients' success. Take a look below and see where you can see yourself working with HEARD.

Client:     Mass Humanities
Project:    Reading Frederick Douglass Together 

During our work with the statewide organization, Mass Humanities HEARD was called upon to promote its Reading Frederick Douglass Together program. Each year, Mass Humanities organizes and funds free public events where communities gather together to read and talk about Frederick Douglass’ influential address, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?”, HEARD played a pivotal role in amplifying its impact through strategic PR, we generated widespread media coverage, ensuring the program's significance reached diverse audiences. Our adept design team crafted visually compelling materials, embodying the essence of Douglass's legacy. Engaging video content conveyed the program's importance, fostering a deeper connection with participants. Tailored written content resonated across platforms, sharing Douglass's narrative authentically. Leveraging both paid and organic social strategies, we maximized outreach, creating a community around the initiative. HEARD's multidimensional approach fortified the program's success, underscoring our commitment to holistic storytelling and strategic execution.

Client: Healing Across the Divides
Project: Colleagues Across the Divide Campaign

HEARD Strategy & Storytelling played a pivotal role in advancing Healing Across the Divides' mission through the Colleagues Across the Divides campaign. HATD is a U.S.-based nonprofit working under the most impossible of situations in the Middle East. HATD measurably improves the health of marginalized people living in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories via community-based interventions. HEARD's strategic PR efforts garnered extensive media coverage, spotlighting the organization's impactful work. The design team crafted visually compelling materials, creating a cohesive brand identity that resonated with the campaign's fundraising and friendraising goals. Video, audio and digitial content conveyed the organization's narrative effectively, fostering understanding and support. Our integrated social media approach, encompassing both paid and organic strategies, amplified the campaign's reach, sparking meaningful conversations. HEARD's comprehensive services ensured that Healing Across the Divides could authentically connect with its audience, fostering positive change and support.

foundation marketing

Client: Corey C. Griffin Foundation 
Project: Monthly Retainer 

HEARD proudly serves as the comprehensive outsourced marketing team for the Corey C. Griffin Foundation managing all facets of audience engagement, from dynamic paid and organic social media campaigns to strategic PR, digital advertising, graphic design, and impactful email marketing. Following Corey’s tragic passing in 2014, the Griffin family and close friends founded the Foundation. Given his incredible passion for life and uncommon dedication to philanthropy, it wasn't difficult to map out the guiding principles of the foundation: improving the lives of primarily Boston-area children through strategic partnerships with the city’s leading educational and healthcare institutions, with an emphasis on faith-based initiatives. Our dedicated HEARD team ensures a cohesive and effective approach, aligning with the Foundation's mission. By seamlessly integrating diverse marketing channels, HEARD empowers the foundation to extend its reach, connect with supporters, and drive positive change, exemplifying the strength of a fully integrated marketing partnership.

Client: Girl Scouts of Central & Western Mass 
Project: Monthly Retainer

HEARD serves as the dedicated graphic design team for the Girl Scouts of Central & Western Massachusetts, crafting captivating visuals for every facet of their communication, from social graphics to cookie posters (so many cookie posters...), to badges to Camp Guides - we do it all for GSCWM which serves a diverse group of girls and volunteers covering 2/3 of the state. Supported by adult volunteers from the community, as well as millions of alums around the globe, GSCWM leads the way as they ensure girls discover who they are and how they can make the future a brighter place.Recognizing our expertise, we seamlessly expanded into the role of GSCWM's social media marketing team. Providing monthly content calendars and innovative paid social options, HEARD ensures a harmonious blend of visually appealing design and strategic digital marketing. This integrated approach not only elevates the Girl Scouts' online presence but also fosters meaningful engagement, supporting their mission with a visually compelling narrative.

girl scouts marketing

Client: RFK Community Alliance 
Project: Video Project 

HEARD took the helm as the video production team for the 7:00+ brand video, a centerpiece at the 2023 RFK Community Alliance fundraising gala. RFKCA works with an emphasis on collaboration with the family, evidence-based practices, and trauma-informed care, their  staff help those overcome adversity and develop abilities, resilience, relationships, and achieve positive outcomes.With multiple meticulously planned shoot days and expert post-production, HEARD brought the RFK's narrative to life, capturing the essence of their mission and creating a compelling visual story for the gala audience.

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