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10 Content Ideas for your nonprofit’s social media when you're stuck...

With the amount of digital content being pushed out as we continue to navigate through the pandemic, it is important that your content doesn’t get repetitive or fall flat. It is so easy to fall into the pit of, “Here’s what we are doing,” or “buy our tickets.” It’s easy to forget to make the content engaging and interesting to where it doesn’t feel like skimming through a newspaper. While it’s important to keep your audience up to date on what your organization does, it can get boring real quick. Here are ten content ideas for you to use on your social pages to keep your feed interesting and engaging:

1. Polls

Polls can easily be done on Instagram stories or Facebook. Using polls makes a person much more likely to engage with your post because your call to action is so minor and easy. By doing this you also create a small competition that will keep your audience coming back and checking in to see how other followers of the page feel. 

2. Quizzes

Stepping up from a poll, a quiz question asks for your audience to think about your organization, rather than just mindlessly scroll. A quiz question is really a more engaging way of framing a fun fact. It also gives your audience an entertaining way to test their knowledge of your organization. 

3. Ask a Question for the Comments

Asking an open response question is a step up from a quiz question in terms of effort from your audience. However these types of engagement-intense posts can mean a lot to your audiences because it allows people to hold power with their voice. You can also use some of their answers for more content going forward in the form of FAQs or customer testimonials. 

4. Create Recurring Series 

To keep your audience checking your page, you can create a recurring series of content. This could be anything from a branded “behind the scenes” series to a daily quiz question. Really any content you create from this list could be turned into a recurring series as long as you brand it as one so people know to keep coming back for more. 

5. How-to Tutorial 

A tutorial can drastically increase reach and engagement. If people find it to be a useful skill, they are more likely to share it compared to more generic content. Tutorials give people a reason to follow your page, because they learn new things they can apply to their lives by watching your content. They also show off your organization’s knowledge of your field. 

6. Customer Testimonials 

Posting testimonials from customers, audience members or anyone whose life has been impacted by your organization builds trust in the eyes of your social audience. Quotes can easily be transformed into eye-catching social graphics or stories that can not only look appealing, but provide useful information to your followers. 

7. Celebrate a National Holiday

There are SOOOO many quirky and interesting national holidays, so why not use them to create some unique content? By creating a post for something like International Dog Day, it humanizes your organization. It shows that you are fun and caring people that your audience can relate to. 

 8. TBTs or Any Other Historical Post

Throwback Thursdays (TBTs) can show where your organization has come from. Currently, a simple way is to show what your happenings looked like pre-pandemic. Posts like this show your organization’s resilience. Demonstrating to your audience that you have grown as an organization increases their desire to be a part of that progress. 

9. Interviews from Within

Interviewing an internal member of your team can help put faces to your organization rather than just a logo. A short, 40-60 second interview can often skyrocket your page’s reach. Video also tends to perform much better than still images, especially on Facebook.

10. Share What’s Buzzing in the News 

If your organization gets any major news hits, don’t be afraid to brag about it! Sharing a link to an article allows for your audience to get an unbiased opinion about your organization. 

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to refresh your content. As long as your content is informative, engaging and you’re using social media to actually be social, you’ll be good to go.

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