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Digital Marketing

The reality is, everything is now connected to the digital world now. If you have a printed brochure, it lists a website. On that website, you have a newsroom for media relations. You also have a Twitter profile to connect with journalists. in hopes they like you on Facebook. From there you hope they sign up for your e-newsletter where they hear about an event you're holding. All communications vehicles have a digital component today. But, do you have a digital marketing strategy? And does that strategy tie in to your overall brand?

Organizational Branding 

Any designer can create a logo. But only experts who have been doing this for a long time can develop a complete brand. HEARD Strategy & Storytelling begins by getting to know your organization through a branding and communications audit process which oftentimes ends up with you getting to know yourself better. Our work does not result in a new logo or “design” — it results in an increased capacity for your organization to do its job better. It lays a foundation for all future marketing communication efforts, making the investment last.

social media

Curate, create and connect. It all starts with listening across your social platforms and developing insights on how to quickly create smart content that will resonate with your audiences. We then produce content based on what we've observed within the social landscape of your brand, your competitors, and your target demographics. Finally HEARD Strategy & Storytelling connects your audience by providing targeted, results-driven content that is seen by the right people, at the right time, getting users to take the action you want.

creative campaigns

Your organization needs creative ideas that will stand out in the crowd. Coming up with both the creative messages as well as creative ways to get your message out is key to the success of our campaigns. Traditional agencies are used to having large paid media budgets at their disposal. As a valuable and embedded part of your team, HEARD Strategy & Storytelling finds unique ways to make the most of your budgets to raise awareness. 

strategy + planning

The marketing plans and campaigns we develop focus on desired outcomes, with results and measurement built in. A new logo or website is not an outcome. A campaign’s creativity is not a measurement. We work with our clients to determine the end goals no matter how large or small a project is (and sometimes the project envisioned from the onset isn’t what was needed all along). Our strategic marketing services include research, planning, opportunity analysis, communications audit, surveys, media planning, and benchmarking. 


Knowing what messages to tell (and to whom, when and how) is paramount for anyone trying to stand out.“Storytelling” has been a buzzword recently but because it's literally part of our name, we take it very seriously. Telling a great story and getting the attention of your audience isn't enough. You must make them care and then move them to act. What is one of the secrets to accomplishing that? Identifying specific target audiences and customizing messaging so that it speaks directly to them.

Advertising + Media buying

We give our clients the confidence to know that their advertising isn't merely “spends,” but rather measurable investments. We take years of experience of managing million-dollar buys for global brands and apply the same principles to helping our clients capitalize on the new media landscape. Whether the goals be increasing sales, generating awareness or shifting perceptions, we create highly impactful campaigns that deliver.

events + Experiential 

Immersive experiences. Face-to-face interactions. Brand authenticity. Experiential is more than just a PR stunt — these are memorable and powerful awakenings. HEARD Strategy & Storytelling's producers have created massive 500k attendee music festivals and small intimate donor-centric fundraising events.  We engage all five senses and create lasting memories around your brand all while generating buzz online, through word-of-mouth and earned media publicity. 


HEARD Strategy & Storytelling connects you with the media that matters to you. Whether it be offering you up as expert source, drafting an op/ed for the local paper or providing counsel during a crisis our senior staff has the relationships with the local media to make them work for you. We also have substantial resources that are normally only available from high-priced PR firms including web-optimized press releases; media databases, press release distribution; custom media lists; individualized pitches; and social media to engage journalists.

Graphic design

HEARD provides high-end, comprehensive graphic design services but we are not a design firm. What do we mean? Graphic design is an art form, while effective communication requires strategy and bringing the two together for amazing results requires experience. Almost every client we work with requires some sort of design support whether it be brochures, social graphics, annual reports, sales sheets, etc. We focus on the strategy first and then let the design elements unfold naturally.

Video + film

People connect to powerful, emotional content and storytelling. and video is the number one vehicle today. We find solutions to overcome budget limitations for our clients and when it comes to video production, creativity and experience is the is the key.Whether there is a budget for a shoot or we need to use existing materials, we will find a way to use video to tell your story in a compelling way. We can provide all of the planning, writing, interviewing, on-site shooting and post production necessary for any video project (big or small).