A sample of some of the great work we do everyday


Digital Marketing / Advertising / Design / Copywriting


Purpose: Drive traffic to three restaurant locations to increase reservations, phone calls and walk-ins

Audiences: 1) Previous diners who have been in their restaurants 2) Competing restaurant’s patrons in the area 3) Casual diners within 15 mile radius

Pixels: Placement of pixels for audience tracking, retargeting and conversions, polygon targeting

Timing: 3-month campaign

Ad Budget: $3000/month

Our business did increase and we’ll be keeping your ads in our marketing mix!
— Jim Dietz Jr. - Northern Restaurant Group


Overall Click-Through-Rate: .50%

Restaurant 1 Impressions: 464,226 / Clicks: 2,543 / CTR: .55%

Restaurant 2 Impressions: 322,756 / Clicks: 1,689 / CTR: .52%

Retargeting: Impressions: 79,991 / Clicks: 124 / CTR: .16%

*Industry Benchmark: .20%‐.50%


PR / Social Media / Advertising / Design / Email marketing

Purpose: Drive audience to purchase tickets annually for 12 performances of Langston Hughes’ Black Nativity produced by the National Center for Afro American Artists

Audiences: 1) Persons interested in holiday/Christmas shows 2) Persons interested in African-American culture 3) Persons interested in performing arts within 100-mile radius of Boston

Timing: A 6-month campaign annually since 2016

Goal: To sell out each performance at the Paramount Center in Boston and spread brand awareness of the NCAAA and its museum

We’re extremely happy with our on-going relationship with HEARD. They bring their A-game to every facet of marketing and communications and have increased our sales year over year since we’ve begun working together.
— Kafi Meadows - Black Nativity Board Member


85+ media hits/reviews since 2016 (compared to less than 10 the previous 5 years)

Email marketing campaigns with 32% average open rate

Social media (FB, Insta, Twitter) organic growth 530%+ since taking over management

Overall annual sales have increased by nearly 25% since 2016


Branded Content / Video Production

Purpose: Nonprofit client needed branded video content to showcase their work both internally and externally

Audiences: 1) The 8,000+ annual volunteers, video is shown at the beginning of each volunteer shift 2) Persons interested in hunger issues, social equality and community farming, 3) Persons interested in the organization within 100-mile radius

Timing: Every aspect of the growing season was captured over a 6-month period. Video was completed 6-weeks after the final shoot