My neighbor was Joe Cocker’s guitarist….

How many of you clicked on this article based on the headline? How important is the headline/attention-grabber in social media content? I can tell you it makes all the difference between a successful post and one that gets virtually zero engagement.

Writing social media headlines comes down to four things:

  • Be relevant: Be topical and vital. Make readers feel like they might miss something if they scroll past.
  • Be useful: Have you given something to the reader that they didn’t have before? Do they now have a solution, strategy, information or a good laugh?
  • Be unique: Be weird. Be funny. Be outspoken. There’s a lot of good marketers vying for your attention on social media so don’t be afraid to stand out.
  • Be specific: Be ultra-specific because the devil is in the details. Specific headlines may draw in a slightly smaller audience but it’s worth it if those who do respond are more motivated to engage.

And to make sure I follow through on the headline that got you into this blog, my neighbor is Cliff Goodwin, Joe Cocker’s guitarist and musical director for several decades. While his wife doesn’t like listening to his rock n’ roll stories anymore, my daughter will occasionally head across the street and Cliff will pull out some vintage Rolling Stone magazines and stroll down memory lane. I was relevant, useful, unique and specific...everything you need in a good social media headline....even if his wife will argue the relevancy part...